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december 24th: Migre Gremy

Migre & Gremy zijn twee toonaangevende B2B-bedrijven in de modewereld ondergebracht in één holding. In beide logo’s pasten we dezelfde typografie toe en ook de huisstijlen werden parallel ontworpen.

Mooi mat opgedikt papier gecombineerd met blinddruk geven deze huisstijl een tijdloos karakter.

Deze huisstijl verschijnt volgende zomer in boek Letterhead + Logo Design 12 van Rockport Publishers.

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“Chilli is a Belgian design and multimedia firm who take on a wide range of design projects for classy Belgian firms. From logo design to print, and Flash-based fashion sites, their work breathes with a modern understanding of type and design, refined down to its pure, classic and minimal essences.”

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“What do Belgian flash design and chocolate have in common? They share a minimalistic, rigid design and are both slightly bitter, maybe with a dash of pepper, or even chilli. So check out Chilli’s Design portfolio for your own portion of unique ideas and flash designs.”

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